Announcing The Second Annual Greater Rochester Night to Honor Israel.

Lori M. Sousa- December 20, 2007

We are living in a defining hour in our nation and in the world. An hour of increased hostility toward the State of Israel when many voices are publicly calling for her destruction. In the face of such threats and rising global anti-Semitism, Pastor Ron Domina, New York State Director of Christians United for Israel (CUFI) in collaboration with the Christian leadership of the Greater Rochester region is hosting the Second Annual Greater Rochester Night to Honor Israel. The event will be held at 6pm Sunday, March 30th at Bethel Christian Fellowship.

This past year, Rochester hosted the First Annual Greater Rochester Night to Honor Israel, with the purpose of giving our community the opportunity to demonstrate our love and support for Israel and the Jewish people around the world. That first night was historic as over 1,600 people attend and close to 50 area churches and ministries supported the event. At the event a $25,000 offering was collected and sown directly into two humanitarian organizations in Israel.

The Night to Honor Israel is more than just an annual event. By setting aside this night every year, we envision the introduction of a new era in America- an era of unity, mutual respect, and lasting peace- an era when Christians stand together with the Jewish people and announce to the world that we are united in brotherhood. We acknowledge that although the foundations of our nation, Western civilization itself, and our own faith rest with the Jewish people and find root in the value system that came through Moses and the prophets, the Jewish people have rarely been thanked or honored for the contributions that they have made to human history. A Night to Honor Israel is a time set aside to pay tribute to the Jewish people and their forefathers for their perseverance and tenacity throughout centuries of persecution, acknowledging that through them we have been blessed.

The sad tragedy of history is that some of the worst atrocities committed against the Jewish people were carried out by professing Christians. By hosting the Night to Honor Israel every year, we want to send a different message and set a different course in Christian history. That message is one of honor and thanksgiving. Our message is that although professing Christians carried out some of the most unspeakable anti-Semitic acts throughout history, these acts are inconsistent with true Biblical Christianity, and the time has come for believers everywhere to stand up and speak out on behalf of Israel. We own them a dept of repentance and our goal is to come together to remember and acknowledge the lessons and tragedy of our past, and to offer support and encouragement in the present, with hope for the future.

In our day, Israel has become a diving line. Our message to the Jewish people is that although we may disagree on many things, when it comes to the existence of the State of Israel we will stand with them in voice and in actions. Last year at the Night to Honor Israel, Pastor Ron Domina captured the heart of this event when he boldly proclaimed: “Let it be known today that Rochester New York is not neutral and will not be silent when it comes to Israel. Rochester is a city of righteousness, and we will stand with Israel in her hour of need.”

Please make every attempt to join us as a demonstration of love and support for Israel by attending the Second Annual Greater Rochester Night to Honor. This event will be held at Bethel Christian Fellowship at 6 pm on Sunday, March 30th. If you are a pastors or ministry leaders you area also encouraged to attend the free informational luncheon on at 11am on Tuesday, January 15th at Bethel Christian Fellowship in the Body Shop. At this luncheon, Pastor Ron Domina will share more about the vision for The Greater Rochester Night to Honor Israel. He will also give information about how you and your congregation can be part of this historic night. If you plan to attend the luncheon or if you have additional questions, please contact to Lori Sousa at             (585) 232-1136      , ext. 21 or

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