Support Congregation or Ministry

Support Congregation or Ministry:

What is a Support Congregation or Ministry?
A support congregation or ministry believes in the vision of the Night to Honor Israel, is supportive of this vision and supports the host congregations or ministries by attending the event.

Support Congregations or Ministries will participate in the Night to Honor Israel by:
1. Publicizing and encouraging their congregation/ ministry to attend and participate in the NTHI.
2. Having the senior pastor, ministry leader or designated representative attend the NTHI.
3. Having the name of your congregation/ ministry listed in the NTHI program.

If you would like to be a support congregation or ministry for the NTHI please click on “Register to Host or Support the NTHI” on the side menu and fill out the registration form or you can call contact the office of Israel Programs at 585-232-1136 , ext. 21.